Saint Lucia

global 6000


from £120,000

£60,000 Per Person based on 2 pax, £30,000 Per Person based on 4, £20,000 Per Person based on 6

        Discover the island of St Lucia with Jade Mountain and Diamonté Jets 

Depart from London Farnborough Airport or your choice of any European Airport and enjoy pre-flight teas, coffee or champagne in your luxurious private lounge. Depart with breakfast served on board and for a lunch a tailored menu featuring a glimpse of the delicious Caribbean cuisine which the island of St Lucia has to offer. 

The Global 6000 features three cabin zones for work, play and sleep. The aircraft is gloriously spacious and with a  range of 6000 miles is easily capable of doing the almost 9 hour flight, non-stop. The Sleeping configuration onboard is made up of 2 double beds and 3 single beds with a good sized bathroom to freshen up. 

Land in St Lucia before a helicopter transfer direct to Jade Mountain. Located on the island’s south-western coastline, Jade Mountain is St. Lucia’s only property with spectacular, uninterrupted views of both the Gros and Petit Piton mountains rising up from the Caribbean Sea! 

Our signature St Lucia jet escape includes a 7 night stay in one of the individually designed rooms which are called ‘sanctuaries’. Each of which feature an in room infinity pool and have unparalleled view of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. The sanctuaries deliberately do not provide telephones, televisions or radios in order to create a true sanctuary environment of complete peace and relaxation. An on-call button in each room enables you to contact the service team at any time.

Highlights of the trip include a private yacht cruise, waterfalls visit, a chocolate infused 1-hour spa treatment, a learning excursion to the resort’s Cocoa Estate, a Chocolate Sensory tasting followed by an interactive class in Jade Mountain’s chocolate laboratory and dolphin and whale watching. 

Get in touch with your VIP Travel Tailor to learn more and discuss your jetaway to the beautiful island of St Lucia! 

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St Lucia Private Jet
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