Dinner in Puglia

grotto palazzese, italy

Experience the most magical and romantic of dinners at the world renowned Grotto Palazzese in Puglia, Southern Italy   

Sitting within a natural sea cave suspended 74 feet above the azure blue Adriatic lays Grotto Palazzese, one of the world’s most romantic restaurants The cave itself formed centuries ago and was used for grand banquets by the Italian nobility during the 18th century. Today, small tables are spaced out over wooden floorboards with white tablecloths that flutter in the sea breeze.

We depart from anywhere in Europe on a Citation Bravo and start the experience straight away with aperitivos onboard. Many Italians think of this drink as a classic tradition before indulging in a four-five course dinner which is exactly what you’ll be having upon landing and VIP transfers. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel our   guests have special access to use a room to freshen up and change before dinner. 

The Grotta Palazzese Restaurant is not only known for it’s beauty and unique setting but also it’s fine dining and delicious food. Starters include seafood and beluga caviar whilst mains offer fresh local pasta finished with caprese cake and a special coffee. 

Our guests then have the choice to fly back after dessert or either full or want to make the most of their time in Bali can enjoy a night in one of Grotto Palazzeses suites which hang over the sea. A wide terrace with jacuzzi overhangs the sea and indoor features include a Hermes courtesy kit, a Sony 65-inch Smart Bravia TV and the most advanced home automation system.  

In the morning before flying back home enjoy a private beach set in a wonderful cove in Polignano. This pristine beach is a short hotel shuttle away and for the hotel Grotta Palazzese guests’ disposal. 

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Departure from London, UK from £3500 Per Person based on 4 travelling 

Departure from Paris, France from £3000 Per Person based on 4 traveling 

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