citation bravo

Offering a step up in cabin space from a VLJ, Cessna’s Citation Bravo is one of the most cost-effective and comfortable small jets to charter, especially when travelling as larger group or family of 5-7 people making it one of our most flown aircraft. 

Passengers: 6

Height: 4.7 ft | 1.45 m

Speed: 405 kts | 750 kmh

Range: 1325 nm | 2454 km

citation cj2

The CJ2 is another aircraft in the Citation series that offers a great ratio of seating capacity and flight cost. Particularly used for movements around Europe, the CJ2 is a fantastically swift business tool. 

Passengers: 6

Height: 4.7 ft | 1.45 m

Speed: 405 kts | 750 kmh

Range: 1325 nm | 2454 km

citation CJ3

The Citation CJ3 offers more space on board compared to the previous CJ2. The aircraft cabin is designed for comfortable seating and a further improved range of over 3000km.  

Passengers: 6-7

Height: 4.7 ft | 1.45 m

Speed: 416 kts | 770 kmh

Range: 2002 nm | 3708 km

citation CJ4

The CJ4 is the newest aircraft in Cessna’s range offering and has added yet more speed, range and cabin size. The jet also features an advanced food-preparation area and bigger, separate lavatory.

Passengers: 7

Height: 4.7 ft | 1.45 m

Speed: 451 kts | 835 kmh

Range: 2165 nm | 4010 km

nextant 400 xti

The Nextant 400XT model was introduced in 2011, with the updated Nextant 400XTi offering greater space and better noise insulation. It comfortably seats 5-7 passengers and is a great aircraft to utilise around Europe 

Passengers: 7

Height: 4.99ft | 1.52 m

Speed: 420 kts | 777 kmh

Range: 1852 nm | 3430 km

phenom 300E

The best selling light jet in the world combines sheer performance and thoughtful design to make a uniquely capable aircraft. Its 4-hour range rivals that of a midsize jet!

Passengers: 7-9

Height: 4.9 ft | 1.52 m

Speed: 520 kts | 963 kmh

Range: 2270 nm | 4204 km

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