challenger 605

The CL 605 has an impressive 1,150 square feet of space and seating for up to 10. This newer Challenger model has lower cabin windows for a nicer view and LED lighting throughout. Built for comfort, the 605 has an ergonomic design and a new form of insulation that provides a much quieter travel experience. 

Passengers: 10

Height: 6.1 ft | 1.86 M

Speed: 470 kts | 870 kmh

Range: 3834 nm | 7100 km


Legacy 600 

Six-foot tall ceilings allow plenty of room to stand up and maneuver around the cabin of the Legacy 600 and with three separate cabin zones there’s plenty of space to work, sleep and rest. At Diamonté Jets, the Legacy 600 is one of our most used aircraft for both business and leisure. 

Passengers: 13

Height: 6.2 ft | 1.88 m

Speed: 450 kts | 834 kmh

Range: 3770 nm | 6982 km

Challenger 850

With the longest and widest cabin in its class, the Challenger 850 is a fantastic combination of size, comfort and value. With the same dimensions as an ultra long range Global Express, the Challenger 850 has a true multi-zone cabin and can accommodate up to 16! 

Passengers: 13-16

Height: 6.1 ft | 1.86 m

Speed: 459 kts | 850 kmh

Range: 3390 nm | 6278 km

Falcon 900 B

The 900B boasts a nice, large cabin, fit for intercontinental range and typically seats 10-14 in an executive arrangement.  The generous cabin measures 6.2 feet in height and 39 feet in length. Amenities include a full-sized private lavatory and galley.

Passengers: 14-15

Height: 6.2 ft | 1.88 m

Speed: 513 kts | 950 kmh

Range: 4511 nm | 8354 km

Falcon 900 DX

The 900DX fills a niche between Falcon’s 2000 and 900B models whilst maintaing a good range. It offers a wide, spacious cabin with superior airport performance so can navigate mountain airports like St. Moritz and Aspen with ease. 

Passengers: 13

Height: 6.2 ft | 1.88 m

Speed: 513 kts | 950 kmh

Range: 4750 nm | 8797 km

Gulfstream G-450

The G-450 is a direct descendent of the much famed Gulfstream G-IV series and is an elegant choice for both business or leisure. Accomodating up to 14 passengers and able to fly for up to almost 10 hours.  

Passengers: 14

Height: 6.2 ft | 1.88 m

Speed: 475 kts | 880 kmh

Range: 4996 nm | 9253 km

Falcon 2000 

The Falcon 2000 is slightly smaller than the 2 falcons featured above but does not compromise in luxury or comfort. It is a powerful, spacious, luxurious and efficient aircraft, making it one of our most popular aircraft. 

Passengers: 10

Height: 6.2 ft | 1.88 m

Speed: 460 kts | 851 kmh

Range: 4000 nm | 7408 km

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